One of the toughest things about live streaming can be figuring out what to do while awkwardly waiting for enough people to join the broadcast. We don’t recommend having a still image longer than a couple of minutes because users might give up waiting and Facebook could even shut down your live stream for being too static. You may also want to avoid spending all of that time in front of the camera as most users will miss what you’re saying so you’ll have to tread the delicate line between making things interesting enough to keep the viewers you have without revealing anything you want to save for later. A countdown timer is perfect for a big sale or new product announcement.

Scheduling your broadcast in Facebook helps people join faster and remind them of the start time, but the best way to bridge those few minutes while building anticipation whether you are pre-scheduled or going live off the cuff is a great countdown clock whether you need a short 10 seconds or 5 minutes. We’re going to give you a couple of easy ways to make your own timer that you can pull from your media library anytime you need it without bothering the graphic designers.

Grab An Existing Countdown Clock

One option is to simply grab an existing timer video like the one below from a free site like Pixelbay or YouTube. Make sure you check out the usage rights to see if you need to give credit before using and just drop the video into your Socialive playlist as the first item. It’s great to have a couple of these on hand just in case you need it. You can also use this as a starting place and add more information layered on top in an app like Clips or Videoshop.



Design A Custom Countdown Timer For Your Brand

Add your own logo, image background, and some information on what your viewers are tuning in for to create a really professional waiting room for your upcoming live stream. To create this custom video, you will need a video editor program. Socialive producers use Adobe Premiere Pro, but there are tons of free video editors that will get the job done.

Open up the program, and drop in the timer countdown file. Most editor programs let you change and reduce the size of the countdown video. Then, you can layer something fun in the background.

Check out these useful tutorials for Imovie, Premiere Pro, and Lightworks to help you put everything together in the specific program you are using.

If you are looking to add some information to an image before putting the timer on top, Canva is a favorite in our social media department and you can find fantastic free photos to use on Unsplash.

Now For A Little Inspiration

The best countdown timer will give your viewers something engaging to watch while they wait while telling them more about you and your brand. This is a great time for behind the scenes footage, customer reviews, and goofy outtakes.

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