You know the drill for webinars: get the email list ready, send blasts for weeks, pray that a few people actually make it through the arduous form fill,  hope the calendar invite works, send another reminder email, hope everyone is able to log in correctly, and, finally, get the 40% of registrants who stop by to hang on for as long as they can in a minimized window so your sales team has something to follow up with them about.

It’s a bleak existence and there is a better way. In this post, we’ll cover some of the benefits of a facebook live webinar and share some tips to help pull it off successfully.

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Reach Your Fans

You can still send your scheduled link through the regular email and website channels, but most of your social fans won’t be found on your typical email list and may be slow to convert on a landing page. By hosting a webinar on Facebook live, they will be notified and have the option to attend right from the platform they are already using. This leads to a huge increase in reach to your engaged users by blowing the social channels wide open and at this point, the Facebook algorithm gives you a boost for live video to help you reach as many people as possible finally engaging your full follower list. When users subscribe to your videos and like your page, they will automatically get notified of the next one which makes your job of getting an audience even easier if you plan to go live regularly.


Your users are your biggest selling tool. By using Facebook live, you are not only getting the people you invite to attend but reaching their network as well. Think about your favorite customer, then think about all the people they met at the last business conference. Facebook live incentivizes them to easily share and invite those users in a way that a forwarded email just doesn’t. Additionally, when they share on Facebook there is the context of a social endorsement which helps lend credibility to your content. Your Facebook live video is going to continue to reach new people throughout the broadcast and could even go viral. When’s the last time that happened on GoToWebinar?


Facebook and Socialive let you schedule posts up to a week in advance. This is an amazing tool because it means you still have a static URL to share with your organization, partners, and email subscribers. You can even put that link behind a short form on your website if you are worried about collecting email addresses. When someone views the post, they will have the option to register with one click. Facebook will then send them a reminder and start the countdown when it is time for your broadcast. When you go live, your fans will also get a notification to join in.

When someone views the post, they will have the option to register with one click. Facebook will then send them a reminder and start the countdown when it is time for your broadcast. When you go live, your fans will also get a notification to join in.

The best thing about scheduling your post is that people can start commenting, liking, and sharing before you even start helping you reach even more people.


People love to get involved on Facebook live. You will see a huge increase in interactions compared to your typical webinar software which helps you get the pulse of their users and tailor your broadcast to their needs. Additionally, this provides a great space for your fans and evangelists to support you and for new users to see the social proof of that feedback. Make sure to leave space for a fun Q&A session or schedule additional live broadcasts just to interact with users. We know now that users are doing about 80% of their research online before they ever speak with a sales person so this is a great way to help the transition from curious to customer.


If you want to use a slide deck, we won’t stop you. It can be a good way to go over central points and Socialive lets you share your screen. That being said, having some face time in front of the camera and using overlays to get important information across will lead to viewers watching longer and taking in more information. Additionally, seeing your faces will help build trust with your viewers beyond what an immaculate slide deck can achieve. With a tool like Socialive, you can even talk with other expert guests on their cameras or phones across the country so your Facebook live viewers will have a more visually engaging experience that really holds their attention.  Just grab a teleprompter to keep things on track and speak from the heart.  The video window will even follow users around Facebook as they browse so gone are the days of the minimized window.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of switching to Facebook live is how much easier the experience will be for your users. They have nothing to fill out or download and can simply open the Facebook tab they are already using to join. This also means your viewers can watch on the desktop or their phones without the hassle of learning a new behavior. It’s likely that your audience already has Facebook open at work (which is not the case with your webinar software) so they will get the notification where they are interested in being.

Watching Later

Your Facebook live video will be available on your Facebook page and can even be boosted with ads where you can tag products. You will have another great push of viewers after the video is over that goes way beyond what you get from a typical ‘missed the webinar’ email blast.


Instead of checking those open rates on your follow-up emails, you can easily set up retargeting ads for your live video viewers by setting up a custom audience in Facebook. This is a great way to remind them of the things you talked about on the webinar and get users to convert.

This is an even better way for marketing to warm up users than an email campaign and you can even use Facebook lead ads if you still have any information to collect. Facebook ads make it easy to see how many people in that audience come back to the website or check out so you will have some great analytics to show the success of your campaign. Check out this quick guide  on retargeting facebook live viewers to get started.


Your audience want’s to know that your business is cutting edge. By throwing away outdated technology and showing you are able to adapt to the needs of your users, you are sending strong signals about being a thoughtful and responsive business which increases trust in your brand.

Still scared? Just give it a try – you won’t regret it. Our clients have seen huge success increasing bookings, sales, and subscriptions using Facebook live and it’s time for your company to dive into that blue ocean. If you need help, just ask our pros and we would be happy to show you our easy to use the software in addition to helping with everything from strategy to production.

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