At Socialive, our live broadcast technology is used by social media teams across multiple verticals including Beauty, Health & Wellness, Digital Media, Hospitality and Alcohol to name a few. Oftentimes, as we are sharing our technology and onboarding new customers, we find ourselves in a unique position of guiding the live content approach and strategy of our clients. This makes natural sense, as Live is a brand new medium and most social marketers now tasked with producing it have little to no prior experience.  

Through the process of working with customers and understanding what does and does not work on social channels like Facebook Live, we have developed a set of Live Content principles that  can help guide you and your team through your live journey, no matter which phase you’re in.

Although this is not a blueprint for specific content for your brand or industry (as that requires a deeper dive into the brand, the stories you want to tell, and what resonates with the audience), it is a broad framework that we believe all companies can use as they build their Live Content strategy.

Remember, it all starts with the Content. Good execution with poor content is not worth much and certainly not a valuable use of time and resources.

Key Principles in Going Live

Summary: Know your Purpose in Going Live

At the highest level, to really leverage the power of LIVE, you need to start by asking the “Why”.

  •   Are you trying to build awareness for a new product launch?
  •   Grow engagement with your social audience through original content?
  •   Drive direct response/customer acquisition?

If you’re in the beginning of your live journey, focus on one primary objective that you can set and measure. Once you have established the clear objective for going live (and note the 3 examples above are not the only ones), you can begin to build your initial content strategy.

Let’s look at the principals that make up effective live content.

Don’t Make Live an Island

Brands with successful live content all have one thing in common—they build live into their broader marketing calendar and campaigns. By incorporating live content into the overall marketing mix rather than a standalone channel, you’ll better build your narrative, leverage existing assets, and increase the chances of your live content making an impact.

Honest Beauty did a great job showcasing the launch of its recent product line with Target by featuring Honest Co. Founder Jessica Alba giving surprise makeovers to Target shoppers across the country. By incorporating live into campaign & retail partnerships, Honest Co is fully leveraging the power of live.

Exclusive, Exclusive, Exclusive

Create excitement and value with your broadcast by revealing products, insights, and offers that can’t be found elsewhere. Give folks a reason to tune in to your live broadcasts.

NYLON uses Facebook Live to provide its fans with intimate acoustic performances from their favorite artists, showcasing exclusive versions of songs that can’t be found anywhere else.

Create Content for your Social Audience

Don’t just broadcast events that your audience can’t truly be a part of. Create original content that is built specifically for that social audience.

Headspace goes live with weekly meditation sessions built around their audience’s meditation goals. Prompting viewers to share their progress along the way, Headspace is helping create a social community of meditation enthusiasts.

Have a Conversation

Speak to your social audience, not at them. Ask them to be part of the dialogue by requesting questions in advance and responding to actual comments and questions during the broadcast.

The Meijer social team provides consumers with opportunities to learn more about their favorite foods & spirits through informative Q&A’s with in-house experts. Here, they went live to celebrate National Wine Day by answering questions from fans wanting to know more about their favorite wines.

Create Recurrence

Gain familiarity and growing viewership through consistent series, hosts, and themes. Create a consistent live voice that your fans come to know and expect. Don’t be afraid to tweak along the way, but think of this as recurring programming.

Benefit Cosmetics has created a Facebook Live series titled #TipsyTips, featuring a recurring member of hosts and themes that keep weekly viewers coming back for more. Consistent set colors & layout also help create the feeling of recurring programming.

Recipe for Success in Live

Hopefully you’ve found this helpful—while the world of live is rapidly evolving, the key principles we’ve shared will remain as the baseline of successful live content.

It’s important to remember these guidelines can (and should) be applied whether you’re deep into your live journey or just getting started.

If you’d like to learn more about how our software can help you execute your live story, reach out at

David Moricca

Founder and CEO, Socialive

Socialive creates social technology that helps brands easily create, manage, and distribute high-quality live broadcasts across multiple social channels simultaneously. Headquartered in New York City and Los Angeles, our platform gives social teams small & large a new way to go live with ease and scale.

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