We’ve all seen the numbers – video performed beautifully for content marketers in 2016 and the numbers indicate that by 2020 video consumption will reach 82% of all internet traffic.

As is a challenge for any modern-day marketer, when something works the competition comes running and you can often find yourself back in the midst of the fight for eyeballs and mind-share within the newsfeed. In this post we’ll be exposing the technology that is giving many brands an edge on the competition.

If there has ever been a skeleton key that unlocks doors to your audience and takes engagement to new heights, it’s live video content. Sure, pre-recorded video content is a prized feather in the cap for marketers but take a look at how live video content is performing in relation to its pre-recorded predecessor.

  • Live social content is seeing a 135% increase in organic reach and search engines are fine-tuning their algorithms to reward brands that promote live social content. (Source)
  • Viewers spend 8x more time watching live video than pre-recorded video. That’s means a pre-recorded video may see 3-minutes of viewership whereas a live video will incur a whopping 24-minutes! (Source)
  • Facebook Live video content gets shared 25x more than pre-recorded video content. This is due in part to the expanded reach from their algorithms but also resultant of this highly interactive content experience.
  • Live video content generates 15x more comments than pre-recorded video. Driving engagement on the part of your viewers is key and, what’s more, is that live video content generates 213% more website referral traffic than it’s pre-recorded predecessor.

Remaining relevant and exciting in the newsfeed is paramount for content and social media marketers across all industries. Social media titans within finance and banking, cosmetics, hospitality, spirits, and healthcare, to name a few, have all turned to live video content as a means of increasing quality time with their existing and prospective customers.

The best part about leveraging live it that it doesn’t have to be a high-stress and high-involvement addition to your marketing mix. In fact, most of the brands that are delivering top-notch live video content are using simple equipment; HD cell phone video, a few live video feeds, and brief snippets of pre-recorded content. The age-old childhood acronym lends appropriately to live video broadcasting, let’s KISS (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart).

Curious about how you can add live video to your social media marketing strategy? We’re glad to give you suggestions, share best practices, and give you a lay of the land – just schedule a demo!

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