From Engagement to ROI

2016 was the year of live content experimentation, with brands across industries seeing a 1,200% increase in shares, 10x increase in comments, and 3x the amount of viewing time compared to non-live content. These early results are exciting and confirm that real-time interactions and engagement have become the new standard in which brands and consumers communicate. As the live social category continues to evolve into 2017, we believe the next phase will be focused on creating value beyond engagement, ultimately driving measurable ROI.

Creating New Paths to Purchase through Live

Only one month into 2017, we’ve already seen leading brands across industries go live with product reveals and in-depth demonstrations, building instant excitement and beginning to bridge the gap between social and commerce.

Let’s take a look at some the industries and brands leading the new revolution of social commerce:


As an early adopter of live social content, the beauty space continues to lead the pack in using live to drive and measure referral traffic sales. Last month both Bobbi Brown and MAC Cosmetics went live on Facebook with product demonstrations and live Q&A’s, creating real-time conversations with their fans and driving product awareness/sales.


Chrysler and BMW were among the top Auto brands who went live with new vehicle and feature reveals last month, giving consumers a first look at 2017’s hottest auto trends while building excitement and encouraging increased dealership traffic.


Airbnb and Crystal Cruises both went live on Facebook and Twitter last month, showcasing on-ship events and destinations throughout London, Hawaii, and Detroit, driving travel-minded consumers to book cruises and rental homes.

How the Socialive Product is Evolving to Fit the New Landscape

With a focus on helping our clients create real value and ROI from their live content, we’re continuing to add features that make it easier than ever to measure and drive real revenue. With that in mind, we’re very excited to announce our newest add-on—the ability to insert full width lower-thirds and graphics onto a live broadcast! We’re already seeing clients drive high amounts of referral traffic through effective use of CTA’s within the lower thirds functionality. If your team is looking to jump into social live content or enhance your existing content, visit our site at for more client examples or email us for a demo at Info @

Client Spotlight

Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe and Architects of Change ambassador Maria Shriver went live with an in-depth conversation and Q&A from the Headspace HQ in Santa Monica. Discussing topics ranging from the origins of Andy’s passion for meditation and the importance of a well-rounded mind and body in today’s digital age, Headspace and Architect of Change fans got an upfront view of this intriguing discussion while receiving actionable tips and advice on maintaining health and mindfulness.

Watch it here! Herbalife went live with two of their Nutrition experts, Dana Ryan and Susan Bowerman. As leaders in the health and wellness space and the New Year just passing, they dug deep into why only 9% of us keep our New Year’s resolutions, while providing advice and answering live questions on ways to stay on track with nutrition and fitness goals. Watch it here! If you’d like to check out the latest updates with our product, be sure to schedule a demo! Also, be sure to follow us on our social channels to stay up to date with features and ways clients are using Socialive.

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