One of the most common mistakes of many players in real roulette for money is to play too high for their ratios. Very quickly then the game Capital is used up, and this is equally annoying in two ways. On the other hand, there are now no more bets to take the good run. There are also widespread miscalculations about probabilities. So many players think that after 10 times red the probability of Black is very high. However, in reality, the results from the past do not affect the next run of the Roulette ball. Some betting friends make too many bets per round and patch the table thoroughly with chips. Because this often happens without plan, it makes little sense and makes the Casino only come to the Chips faster.

Would you consider yourself camera shy? You’ve read all the stats about why this is the perfect time to create a live video content strategy, but the hardest part is pulling the trigger, getting in front of the camera, and going live.


Why are you putting off a live strategy? Getting to the root of your concerns instead of just moving it to the end of the to-do list can help you to address the problem head-on.

  • Don’t have resources
    • Good news, all you need to make a live video is the cell phone in your pocket. While you may want to upgrade and use higher-quality equipment, you already have what you need to get started
  • No room for error or editing
    • If you are used to having a video editor make your content shine or doing 100 takes until the line is just right, it can feel like that safety blanket is being pulled away in a live video. As long as you keep things professional, your ‘mistakes’ will likely serve as proof that the video is live and endear the audience to you even more. Don’t worry if the dog won’t sit still or you jumbled your words – just laugh it off and keep moving. Viewers want to see you be human.
  • Don’t have the time
    • Being a professional marketer means juggling a lot, and we understand the pressure you are under. Live video removes the editing process and multiple takes so you can often make it faster than some other content types. Additionally, to be economical – look for content you already made on your blog and think about how you would discuss it live. You can also repurpose your live video so it can serve a bunch of different purposes allowing you to make 10 pieces of content for the effort of one.

  • Not sure you have anything important to say
    • Live video doesn’t have to be reserved for huge events to matter. In fact, some of the best performing live videos that will drive loyalty with your viewers are just candid conversations. Choose a relevant topic that matters to you and present it or find a colleague to dialogue with or a project to do together.
  • No video background 
    • All the video production jargon can seem intimidating, especially if you’ve never worked on a video shoot before. Fortunately, social media has been training you for this moment. From Instagram to Snapchat, you have been learning how to light and frame visual content on your phone and you are ready to use the same principles for your live video.

Plan ahead

Plan out your script and do a run through before the big day to work out the kinks. The more you know what to expect, the easier everything will be. Find out where you will be shooting and get set up early so everything will look its best. Make sure to also test out the technical side of things so your team feels well prepared.

Use pre-recorded video

Give yourself a little extra time and space by splicing pre-recorded video segments into your live stream. This will allow you to break your broadcasts into chunks and take a breath while you get used to going live.

Don’t overthink it

Once you go live a couple of times, the jitters go away. Just make a plan for a couple of broadcasts and hold yourself to it. Done is always better than perfect and you can adapt your style over time as you learn more about what your audience responds to.

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