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A facebook block can range from limiting the use of a specific feature to the shutdown of your account. If you are currently experiencing a ban, follow these steps to start moving forward:

  1. Check your Support Inbox for additional information on the cause and duration of your block
  2. Report A Problem on Facebook to appeal the ban
  3. Wait for the ban to be lifted
  4. Stop the behavior going forward

In order to stay informed and compliant with Facebook guidelines, let’s take a look at common things that can land you in Facebook jail.


This is probably the most well-understood reason for a Facebook block, but not necessarily the most common for business pages. Posting the following types of content goes against Facebook community guidelines:

  • Nudity or sexually suggestive content
  • Hate speech, credible threats, or direct attacks on an individual or group
  • Content that contains self-harm or excessive content
  • Fake or impostor timelines
  • SPAM

Offensive content is not always enforced as intuitively as one might think. This New York Times quiz can help you better understand what qualifies as hate speech on Facebook.

Copyright Infringement

CI is the most common reason we see live videos land in Facebook jail. Steer clear of any unknown video clips movie trailers, or popular music. Facebook can often recognize copywritten songs in 10-15 seconds, even if they are playing in the background where you are. Additionally, it is important to make sure your content is as unique as possible – if too many people post the same video clip or countdown timer it can look suspect.

Appealing a CI Claim


Excessive Behavior

Just like any other social network, if you do too much too fast, Facebook is likely to see your content as spam that will bother users. Excessive messaging, tagging, friend requests, and shares can all take you straight to the slammer.

Learn more about Facebook feature blocks


Your Facebook profile is designed to represent a real person engaging in natural life events. Your profile can seem suspect and be shut down if the following things apply:

  • Unsolicited contact with others which includes harassing behavior and constant advertising or promotions as a Facebook profile (not a Page)
  • Using a fake name or business name
  • Impersonating a person or entity
  • Posting the same thing repeatedly
  • Excessive or robotic behavior listed above


Users can report or hide just about anything on Facebook from profiles and groups to comments and videos if there is a reason to suspect they don’t conform to the community guidelines. If your content or profile is getting reported, this could lead to a ban or feature block. Unfortunately, you can’t really see reports against you as they are happening and trolls can take advantage of this feature. Nonetheless, Facebook has to stop anything that is bothering users until they can find out more about what is going on and it can take them a while to investigate. Take a look at the process a user goes through to report content to get an idea of how it may be tagged:

Have you been to Facebook jail? Share your experiences with us below

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