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A well-curated twitter feed means getting the news first, connecting with thought leaders in your industry, identifying trends early, and learning more about your craft.  In addition to the day-to-day updates, you can get the inside experience of industry announcements and events without having to leave your desk. For a social marketer exploring the possibilities of live video, these influencers will help get your creative juices flowing and provide great time-saving tips to connect better with your audience.

To get you jump-started, we’ve curated a list of key Twitter influencers in the live video space that are sharing great content and helping to shape the future of live video as we know it. Check out our list of live video influencers and follow them below:

Bio: Confident Live Video Marketing Coach. International Speaker , Social Media Tools Guy, professional singer & web developer. Founder of Seriously Social

Ian Anderson Gray

Founder, Seriously Social

Tweets about: marketing trends, live video best practices, software & tools

Bio: Create Professional LIVE Streams! | Take the 5 Day Challenge!  | LIVE Tuesdays & Thursdays 10 AM Pacific 

Luria Petrucci

Co-Founder, Live Streaming Pros

Tweets about: live video, social best practices, technology

Bio: Showing the wonders of the world via 360 video . Freelance Video Producer/Host. Formally . Cultured AF. Insta: TheArielViera

Ariel Viera

Live Video Producer, urbanist.live

Tweets about: 360 video, facebook video production, travel, pop culture

Bio: Live Video Marketing Expert, Keynote Speaker, NY Times Best-Selling Author, Cryptocurrency Evangelist, Brand Influencer, NO DM’s! See

Joel Comm

Live Video Ambassador

Tweets about: live video, cryptocurrency, industry events

Bio:Social Media Thought Leader | Top Facebook Marketing Expert | Globe-trotting Speaker | Author | ‘Mari like Ferrari’ | 

Mari Smith

Social Media Speaker & Consultant, marismith.com

Tweets about: marketing trends, live video best practices, software & tools

Bio: #1 German Social Media & Live Video Coach • Speaker • Editor • Periscoper • Media & Biz: alex@alexkhan.tv   

Alex Khan

CEO, Attractive Media

Tweets about: live video, social best practices, travel

Bio: Speaker, Author, Performance Coach. Facebook Live Specialist, Spreader of Joy.

Molly Mahoney

Founder, The Prepared Performer

Tweets about: live video, performance tips, motivation

Bio: I help people build their influence with YouTube and Online Video. Let’s connect on YouTube at  and at !

Sean Cannell

Co-Founder, Video Influencers

Tweets about: live video, social best practices, video production, youtube

Bio: LiveStream Business & Branding Strategist | Digital Marketer | Speaker | Consultant | Live Video Gadget Guy

Ryan Steinolfson

President, Accelerate Marketing

Tweets about: live video, production tools

Bio: Storyteller. Author. Speaker. Blogger | Digital Marketing, Live Video, Community, co-host   | prior Apple, Adobe | connector extraordinaire | 🚲🎿🌻

Ursula Ringham

Digital Marketing Director, SAP

Tweets about: live video, future of work

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