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Just because you’re planning to go live from a smartphone doesn’t mean the quality should look homemade. To create a smooth, high-quality video, there are a few quick upgrades you can make so you can create a beautiful live video anywhere, anytime.

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Stabilizers, Gimbals, & Stands

If you make only one investment, it should be on a stabilizing gimbal or tripod. A shaky video is extremely distracting and makes it difficult for viewers to watch and stay engaged with. Whether you’re wandering the conference floor or setting up in a home-studio, make sure you are set up for clear shots.

Flexible Phone Tripod – KingJoy –  $16.99

Smartphone Video Rig – Ulanzi – $14.95

Gooseneck Stand with Ring Light – Dahai – 22.99

Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer – Zhiyun Smooth Q – $99.00

Take a quick look at what a good gimbal can do compared to a handheld phone:


Your phone probably sounds great when you’re making calls, but it is not as good at picking up the right sounds at a distance with ambient noise competing for attention. Getting a directional mic or even a lav mic you can pin to your speaker’s clothes is going to give you much clearer sound quality so viewers can focus on whats important in your live stream.

Shotgun Directional Mic – Rode –  $59.00

Lapel Mic For Your Phone – iRig Mic – $49.00


You don’t have as many options with a smartphone to determine focus and depth of field. That makes it especially important to use lighting to pull your subject out from the background. Vloggers love the ring light for it’s ability to flatter a single subject, but an LED light panel will work great for bigger shots.

Ring Light – QIAYA – $15.99

LED Light Panel – Meke – $39.99


If you want a real-life example of a mobile rig in action, check out our friend Ariel from Urbanist’s setup here:

What does your mobile video rig include? Have some favorites you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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