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Unveiling a new product is about creating awareness, stirring excitement, and galvanizing a community of evangelists. Consider Apple’s iconic conferences.

Fortunately, you don’t need the scale of a mammoth event to reap the benefits of a product launch. Even simple reveals on social media can be an effective way to spotlight a new product and generate interest.

But, more, product reveals – like physical events – also cultivate in your audience a sense of ownership, a participatory attitude, an I-was-there or I-saw-it-first psychology that advances your brand equity and affinity: You turn an audience of maybe consumers into motivated stakeholders.

In this way, live video fits naturally with product showcases. By emphasizing the transient moment, live video connotes a sense of access and exclusivity. If you miss the moment, you aren’t part of the story.

Online live video amplifies the community-building effects of product reveals. Viewers not only gain access to new information, they can also engage during the broadcast, shaping the discussion through questions and feedback.

Watch The Honest Company announce its line of holiday diapers via live video:

Honest Company Winter Diaper Reveal

Oh, what fun! Jessica Alba and Lizzy Mathis reveal our limited-edition holiday diaper collection.

Posted by The Honest Company on Friday, November 9, 2018

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