Professional live streaming. Simplified.

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Professional live streaming made simple

Mix and match live video feeds, remote guest cameras, and pre-recorded video to create a compelling broadcast that draws your audience in.


Easy to Use

Create professional-quality live broadcasts across social media and websites without deep production experience or equipment.


Central Control

Socialive gives you full control of your story from pulling in multiple live sources into a single broadcast to organizing your run-of-show before going live


Flexible Setup

Go live with the equipment you have. Whether you’re in the field with a mobile phone or in a studio with a high-end multi-cam setup, Socialive has you covered

Break through on Social Media

Reach your audience everywhere. Simulcast to Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and more.


One Stream, All Channels

Live stream to multiple pages, groups, and profiles on Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and your website with a single click


Live Cross-posting

Live cross-posting allows you to publish a single broadcast across multiple pages as an original post


Schedule Live Events

Let viewers RSVP for your live events to start the conversation before the broadcast even begins

Drive Engagement

Make your viewers a true part of your broadcast by showcasing their questions on-screen in real-time and conducting live polls.


Live Comments Moderation

Manage social comments centrally across pages. Pin viewer comments directly to the screen in real-time to drive engagement and participation


On-screen Polls

Prompt your audience to vote and give their opinion on a variety of different topics while showing the results live on screen


Custom Branding

Easily insert title cards, on-screen graphics, and lower-thirds to drive deeper engagement and interest throughout your broadcast

Deliver live video to your website or app

We’ve partnered with online video platforms to bring live streaming to websites and mobile applications.


Connect to your Online Video Platform

Connect Socialive to your Online Video Platform (OVP) to deliver live video accoss dozens of combinations of devices, formats, and platforms.


Broadcast Live Video Enterprise-wide

Build up engagement and align teams around the company’s purpose by streaming town halls, delivering live training, and onboarding new employees.


Bring Live Video to your Mobile Apps

Deliver engaging live video experiences optimized for native mobile apps as well as mobile web.

Go live on the go

Use the SocialiveGO mobile app to broadcast HD live video on the go from any location. Join a live broadcast as a remote guest or go live directly to your social channels from your mobile device without a computer.


Go Live from your Mobile Device

Host your own mobile live streams with the SocialiveGo mobile app. Broadcast to your social and internal channels directly from your mobile device without a computer.


Join as a Remote Guest

With a single tap, you can join a live broadcast as a guest. Bring in live camera feeds from anywhere in the world.


Stream a Pre-recorded Video

Upload videos from your phone to your Socialive account. Add it your team’s internal video library or live stream it to your audience.

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