About Audible

Audible, an Amazon company, has built a reputation as the leader in the Audio Entertainment space, providing consumers around the world with an unmatched selection of books, podcasts and original performances from narrators and A-list celebrities.

Human Audio

Audible’s goal is to get new subscribers for their app and service. With a passion for creating value for customers that goes ‘beyond the subscription’, Audible’s social team sees the opportunity to go live with content that will continue to humanize the brand and drive acquisition.

With Socialive, Audible has created several live series showing the unique value of their brand and the people behind it from exclusive celebrity interviews and Q&A sessions to live listens where viewers can preview an Audible series and join the conversation with other fans. Pre-recorded video and on-screen graphics help them bring the audio experience to life on Facebook in a way that fits the unique needs of their brand.





Audible is using Live to drive efficient subscriber acquisition for their platform & community. Audible’s kickoff broadcast with Socialive was a success and they’re continuing to make live video an important part of their member acquisition funnel.

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