About J.P Morgan Chase

Chase Bank provides a broad range of financial services to almost half of America’s households with over 5300 branches and 15500 ATMs nationwide. JPMorgan Chase has long represented one of the most respected names in the global finance space, providing banking services to millions and creating a powerful, purpose-driven brand along the way.

Tweeting Finance

Recognizing the growing appetite and opportunity for live content across social & digital channels, JPMorgan Chase views twitter live video as the best way to create relevant, impactful content for its audience by bypassing the traditional media routes. Chase was the first brand with access to sponsor Periscope live streams and has invested in Twitter to reach their customers.

With a powerful brand sitting within a heavily regulated industry, Chase enlisted Socialive as a scalable solution to use across the organization that is powerful enough to give them complete control of the narrative and the ability to display regulatory language as needed ensuring their new media approach doesn’t skip a beat.

The Chase social team went live on Twitter with a Q&A featuring Business Innovation Expert Josh Linkner. Using Socialive, they were able to easily showcase overlays and user comments on the screen in addition to incorporating pre-recorded video to enhance their live storytelling & drive brand preference among small business owners.





Chase was able to reach more customers on Twitter and Periscope with Socialive and educate those users on their services.

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