One of the most common mistakes of many players in real roulette for money is to play too high for their ratios. Very quickly then the game Capital is used up, and this is equally annoying in two ways. On the other hand, there are now no more bets to take the good run. There are also widespread miscalculations about probabilities. So many players think that after 10 times red the probability of Black is very high. However, in reality, the results from the past do not affect the next run of the Roulette ball. Some betting friends make too many bets per round and patch the table thoroughly with chips. Because this often happens without plan, it makes little sense and makes the Casino only come to the Chips faster.

Live Video Creative Services


Create a live video strategy to meet your organizational goals with creative services.


Get your team ready for scale with expert training so you can produce great live video anytime, anywhere.



Use Socialive’s expert producers to manage your next live event so you can stay focused on what matters.


Make informed decisions and make sure you are hitting your goals based on the targets that matter to your brand.

Content Planning

Let our team help you craft a winning strategy to meet your live video marketing goals. Let’s work together to:

  • Build a consistent content calendar to fit your marketing campaigns
  • Develop and edit video scripts based on your brand voice
  • Report on the metrics that matter most
  • Provide organizational planning support to ensure you have the time and resources to achieve your goals

Production Support

Our team can lend professional video production experience to bring your ideas to life. Let us help:

  • Identify right hardware for your broadcast and ensure proper functionality
  • Develop a run of show to highlight your talent and products
  • Provide dedicated Socialive producers for oversight and management in coordination with your team
  • Train your team on industry best practices so you can execute high-quality broadcasts as needed


Ongoing Partnership

Your dedicated account manager and technical support team will be with you every step of the way to:

  • Provide continued measurement against your KPIs
  • Identify growth opportunities in your live video strategy
  • Create video production workflows that match your team size and resources
  • Share the product updates and ensure you are taking advantage of the newest advancements in live video

See What Socialive Can Do For You

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