Can I broadcast pre-recorded content?

You sure can! The ability to load pre-recorded content into your run-of-show to play during your live broadcast is one of the product features you can only get with Socialive. You can even record your live broadcasts and include them as pre-recorded elements in future live shows.

Will your product work with my regular wifi and built-in webcam?

Our product will work on most wifi set-ups with built-in webcams, but the quality of your broadcast will always be affected by the hardware and internet that you use. The better your internet and camera, the better your broadcast.

What hardware does your product support?

We support most audio and video setups, but the best way to confirm is to contact us for a (free) quick demo.

Can you help me with my first broadcast?

Of course! We are happy to help you set up and broadcast as many times as you want (although our platform is so easy to use, you probably won’t need us). Just let us know.

How much does Socialive cost?

Schedule a personal demo to review cost options best suited for your needs.

What are the Internet requirements for broadcasting using Socialive?

For best results, use a stable internet connection when live broadcasting.


Minimum upload bandwidth 5 Mbps per connection
RTMP over port 80 must be open
Ethernet line required for broadcasting computer

Minimum upload bandwidth 8 Mbps per connection
Dedicated WiFi network (not accessible by other users)
Mobile devices can use WiFi or cellular networks

What type of computer should I use with Socialive?

Computers should be from 2013 or newer for best camera/audio handling and live streaming performance.


Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) & above
Pentium Core 2 Duo 2Ghz or higher
Dedicated video card, 1GB Video RAM


Win 10 (recommended for best performance)
Win 8, 8.1
Win 7 (not suggested, no longer supported)
Dedicated video card, 1GB Video RAM

Can I broadcast using my mobile device?

Yes, the minimum requirements are:

OS 8.1 or later (compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch)
Android 4.4 or later

Fully charged battery
If shooting for longer periods, external battery pack
Cell phone tripod or 2-handed mount for more controlled filming

What types of cameras are compatible for use with Socialive?

Any USB camera
Any camera able to output an HDMI or SDI signal (will require use of a video capture card or video interface)
Inogeni Video Capture Card
Inogeni SDI Capture Card
iOS mobile phone
Android mobile phone
Wireless cameras able to broadcast to an RTMP endpoint

Is Blackmagic hardware compatible with Socialive?

At this time only Blackmagic video on the Mac OS is supported
Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio SDI
Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio Mini Recorder

What types of microphones are compatible for use with Socialive?

Any microphone(s) connected to an audio mixer with a USB output
Stand alone USB microphones

Am I able to upload videos or static images for my broadcast?

Video file formats include mp4., .avi, .f4v, .flv, .mpeg, .mov
Resolution of 720p or higher
An audio channel must be present, (even if silent)
Image file formats include .jpg, .jpeg, .png
Supported resolutions are 1920×1080 or 1280×720

Do you have any tips or best practices I should follow before my broadcast?

Check out our 5-Steps-To-Get-Started


Be sure to leave time to prepare your content, video and image assets, test your internet and hardware, and rehearse so you’re ready to go!

Quality matters, so consider things like your broadcast setting, lighting, and quality of microphones and cameras.

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How much time do I need to plan my broadcast?

Depending on the complexity of your broadcast, you may only need a few hours or an entire day or more. Broadcasts featuring multiple locations often require additional planning and testing.

Can I apply a company logo or graphic to my broadcast?

Socialive’s overlay editor allows you to easily manage and apply your logos, calls to action, and other on screen visuals.

How can I access a recording of my broadcast?

The Archived Recordings section of Socialive’s web-based admin portal allows you to organize, preview, and download recordings of all of your previous broadcasts (including mobile broadcast feeds).

What social media channels does Socialive stream to?

Custom RTMP Endpoints
Web Embed

Is there a limit to the number of social channels I can stream to simultaneously? Can I stream to groups in Facebook?

For Facebook currently there is no limit, and yes you can broadcast to groups that you are a member of.
The current page limit for YouTube, Twitter, Periscope, Twitch and RTMP is 15 simultaneous endpoints.

Is there a way for me to communicate with other people who are part of my broadcast?

If the other participants are using their mobile devices as cameras, you can use the chat feature in the broadcaster to send instant messages. A mobile notification countdown is also available for the broadcast producer to send to participants prior to their camera going live.