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Facebook Comments Manager

The Comments section of Socialive’s web-based admin portal allows you to easily select, edit, and pin comments directly from your Facebook page and apply them to your live broadcast. You also have the ability to send comments to a prompter for viewing as well as respond to and hide these comments on your Facebook page.

Best Practices

  • As you are viewing the comments as they are coming in select the star icon to favorite the most interesting comments
  • Select the star icon at the top of the page to show your favorites list
  • Use an iPad to view your live video on Facebook. The iPad can also be used to access the Socialive Comments Manager for viewing comments and the pinning of comments on screen
  • Login to the admin portal after your live video has started
  • Make sure to disable your Internet browser popup blocker
  • Select the appropriate Facebook pages and groups you would like to manage comments


Hiding, Removing, And Replying To Comments

Socialive’s web-based admin portal allows you to manage and interact with your audience Facebook comments. Under each comment for an event in the Comments Manager is a toolbar with the options to Like, Reply, Hide, or Remove.

Liking and replying to comments allows you to engage with your audience. Clicking Hide will make a comment invisible to public users (e.g. non-admins of the page) without letting the commenter know that you made the change. This is a great way to remove trolls from the conversation without feeding them. Once you hide the comment, you also have the option to unhide the comment. Additionally, if you would like to completely delete a comment, you have the option to by clicking Remove.


Comments As Overlay Features

After your broadcast has started, select the Manage Overlays button on the toolbar.

Once the pop-up window appears, select the Comments Tab.

The placeholder will not appear on your live broadcast, it is only used to allow Facebook comments to appear. Once you have pinned a comment in the account management portal the placeholder will show the comment you have pinned, in addition you will see your comment on the Overlay Preview and Live Monitor windows.

You now have the ability to set the position, opacity, size, and rename your comment by clicking the edit icon on the placeholder.

Click the “Open Comments Manager” button.

Pinning And Editing Comments

After selecting the Comments Manager button, you will be redirected to Socialive’s web-based admin portal to log in to your account.

After login, you will be taken to the Comments page where you select the Facebook page you are streaming to.

After selecting the page(s), click the “Manage Pages” button.

You will now be redirected to the Events page. Select the checkbox next to which event you would like to manage the comments.

Once you have selected your event you will see comments associated with your current live broadcast. The next step is to select the pin icon for the comment you would like to appear on screen. Once the comment has been pinned, the icon will change color from green to yellow, indicating that it has been applied and sent to the comments placeholder box in the broadcaster app, to be used on your live broadcast.

Now when you return to the broadcaster app, you will see the selected comment on screen in the Preview Monitor & the Live Monitor. Notice that it also now takes place of the Comment Placeholder.


Editing Pinned Comments

To edit, click on the comment and click the edit icon to be able to edit the position, size, and opacity of the comment’s display on your live broadcast. Additionally, the minus sign ( – ) button on the selected comment allows you to remove the comment if desired.

Sending Comments To Prompter

You also have the ability to send Facebook comments to the Prompter, by selecting the prompter icon. Your comment will the be displayed on the prompter in a new browser window. For information on managing the Prompter, please refer to the Socialive Prompter overview.


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