In this overview, we will demonstrate how to apply and edit overlays for your live broadcast. 



  • Select Overlay Preview – This window allows you to edit and preview your overlays before going live
  • Upload New Overlay – Select this button to upload and save image files as overlays
  • Select the + button to apply your overlay, select the – button to remove
  • Select the edit button to rename, change the transparency, position and assign as a hotkey, then save changes

Best Practices Prior to Live

  • For full-width lower thirds, use 1280x150 px
  • For smaller watermarks (i.e. logos), use 220x220 px with 8-12 px padding around the margins
  • For full-screen overlays, use 1280x720 px
  • For side-screen overlays, use 300x720 px
  • Upload and review your overlays for spelling, correct title, and they show in the correct position
  • Select the star icon to add most frequently used overlays to quick access
  • Delete any unused overlays that are not relevant for your broadcast


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