Easily Create Captivating Live Video

Socialive’s platform makes it easy to broadcast amazing live video across every channel, engage your audience, and drive results.

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Powering live video for the best companies

Drive the outcomes you want

From creating awareness to boosting engagement to driving conversions, Socialive helps you realize the power of live video.







Use live video across your organization


Broadcast compelling live video across every digital channel to build awareness, promote engagement, convert leads, and boost customer advocacy.

Internal Communications

Modernize communications within your organization with social-style live video to enhance training & development, encourage collaboration, and deepen employee engagement.

E-Commerce & Marketplaces

Expand the revenue potential of your marketplace or e-commerce business by enabling your team and community to more easily create authentic live video that is proven to boost conversion.

Meet Socialive’s easy-to-use live video platform

Easily create polished live video

Mix and match between live and pre-recorded video. Bring in live video from remote guests, in different locations, as part of a single broadcast. Add custom titles, graphics, and split-screens. Use the equipment you already have, whether it’s a smartphone or a high-end production setup.

Socialive Live Video Broadcasting Platform

Go live no matter where you are

Use the SocialiveGO mobile app to broadcast HD video from anywhere in the world. Start a broadcast or join a broadcast as a remote guest with only your phone.

Broadcast to your audiences on every channel

Expand your reach by simultaneously broadcasting to all your digital channels. Go live across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Periscope, Vimeo, Twitch, and more. Deliver your content directly to your own website and apps.

Interact with your audiences in real-time

From conducting live polls to spotlighting viewer questions and comments, encourage audiences to join the conversation and turn passive viewing into active engagement.

Consistently drive views, engagement, and conversions

With on-screen CTA’s, promo codes, and contest giveaways, use the urgency of live video to generate interest and drive traffic and sales.

Easily create, distribute, engage, and convert with Socialive.