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Socialive is the leading live video broadcasting platform for marketers, workplaces, and marketplaces. At Socialive, our mission is to give companies the power of live video to broadly share their stories and spark more meaningful interactions with their audiences.

We’ve created a proprietary, cutting-edge live video technology solution that is easy to use, readily accessible, intuitive and focused on solving the pain points companies experience in three key areas: live video creation and distribution for marketers, internal communications and e-commerce marketplaces.

Customers include Adobe, Honest Company, Amazon’s Audible, JP Morgan Chase, The Boston Consulting Group, Marriott, AMC Theatres, and MAC Cosmetics among others.

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Meet the Founder

David Moricca

Founder & CEO

David Moricca is the Founder and CEO of Socialive, a leading live video creation and distribution solution for enterprises. He has been at the leading edge of digital innovation for over a decade.

David started his career as a Senior Associate at McKinsey & Company where he helped clients transform their businesses and optimize their processes. David continued to innovate industries with digital solutions as the Director of Online Learning Services at Scholastic where he conceived, oversaw development and launched StudyJams!, an interactive learning tool for students and teachers.

In 2009, David founded his first start-up, BreakoutBand, a music creation platform where users create songs, discover new music and share with friends. In 2011, as the electronic dance music (EDM) market was exploding, David saw the opportunity to transform BreakoutBand’s solution and use live audio streaming technology to help DJs reach their audiences and launched ClubcastLive, which was like Twitch for DJs using live-streaming.

In July 2016, David launched Socialive, a SaaS business leveraging his patented technology to create a proprietary, cutting-edge solution for companies to harness the power of live video to broadly and easily share their stories and create more meaningful interactions with their audiences.

David holds a B.A from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

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